Cephalotus ‘Hummer’s Giant’ can supposedly produce larger pitchers than the regular Cephalotus follicularis, with a bigger central “wing”. Whether this is really the case is up for debate… Any Cephalotus can become stunning anyway. I got mine in 2013 from the now-gone French nursery Nature & Paysages. Things started to get interesting four years later, when I decided to try and grow it in tree fern.

  • Source: obtained from Jean-Jacques Labat (France) ; plant selected by John Hummer
  • Environment: terrarium placed close to a south-facing, blinded window
  • Temperature: from 10°C at night to 25°C during the day in the coldest months ; from 15°C to 32°C in the warmest months
  • Light: two 4000K 12W LED bars with reflector, located 50 cm above the plant, alight 12 hours a day ; occasional shaded sunlight in the morning from October to April
  • Soil: tree fern panel (xaxim)
  • Watering: seepage from the daily mistings of demineralized water
[May 2017] Initial installation on tree fern panel
[March 2022] Division of the clumps and spread over the tree fern panel
[May 2023] Pitcher upsurge

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