From Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, Indonesia.

  • Environment: terrarium placed close to a south-facing blinded window during the day ; usually outside under plant cloche at night
  • Temperature: from 1°C at night (lowest winter temperature) to 30°C during the day (highest summer temperature) ; annual average is ±10°C and ±23°C, respectively
  • Light: Cree CXB3590 6500K 50W LED light spot located 60 cm above the plant, alight 12 hours a day ; shaded sunlight in the morning from October to April
  • Soil: kanuma, live sphagnum moss topping, in a plastic pot with many drainage holes
  • Watering: daily mistings of demineralized water on the sphagnum moss

Nepenthes villosa is my favorite carnivorous plant. The squat pitchers, with overdeveloped hooks on both the peristome and neck, along with a pronounced indumentum, are peerless. Unfortunately, it is one of those elusive species whose range of optimal conditions is extremely narrow, with the main challenge being the need for borderline cold nights and moderately warm days all year long, to match the plant’s ultra-highland natural habitat. Get this (and the rest) right? Fine, but it will grow painfully slow anyway. In spite of these difficulties, I took the plunge… again. The long-term reward is just too beautiful.

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