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White-leaved plants are fascinating, aren’t they? When I bought my first white pitcherplant, I thought I had found the holy grail of carnivorous plants. Then I read about some clones exhibiting more white than others, saw some photos, and told myself I had to grow one of these… but the whiter the rarer, so it was a long quest. I used to grow a beautiful « red and white » variant of this species, but it was not enough to satisfy my lust for the ultimate albescent Sarracenia. Later on, I learnt about an alba variety — even whiter plants! But, guess what? There are quite a few different ones out there and they vary a lot, some of them boasting more white, with less veins, than others. As I’m writing these lines, we’re in 2021, and I think I have finally found the whitest white pitcher plant.

  • Origin: Southeastern USA ; Christian Klein’s SLE_4 clone #3
  • Environment: outdoors in a 19 x 18 cm plastic pot with drainage holes ; temperate climate with distinct seasonal variations that induce the growth/dormancy cycle
  • Temperature: from -2°C to 15°C in the coldest months ; from 15°C to 35°C in the warmest months
  • Light: full sun as much as the weather allows it
  • Soil: kanuma, topping of coarse quartz sand for protection and stability
  • Watering: rainwater permanently provided during the growing season, from either the larger saucer or direct rain over the pot

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