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In a world dominated by countless horticultural hybrids, Sarracenia ‘Waccamaw’ remains the genuine article: a glorious representative of a natural variety, with perfect proportions and amazing coloration.

  • Source: obtained from DC Carnivores (Italy) ; cultivar origin explained here
  • Environment: outdoors in East France, with warm summers and moderately cold winters
  • Temperatures: from -2°C to 15°C in the coldest months ; from 15°C to 35°C in the warmest months
  • Light: full sun almost from dawn to dusk, as much as the weather allows it
  • Soil: 2 parts sphagnum moss, 2 parts kanuma, 1 part quartz sand, topping of coarse quartz sand for protection against birds and slugs ; 30 x 28 cm plastic pot with drainage holes
  • Watering: daily input of rainwater, either naturally or from my own watering, during the growing season
[November 7, 2022] Plant received
[New pitchers in 2023] June 2, July 30, September, October

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