I have always considered Utricularia campbelliana as the ultimate bladderwort from a beauty standpoint. The deep red color of the flowers is unique, and they are among the largest in the genus. Due to the slow growth rate and rarity of this species, it took me years to find someone willing to part with a portion of their plant.

  • Source: Mount Roraima, Venezuela
  • Environment: terrarium placed close to a south-facing, blinded window
  • Temperature: from 10°C at night to 25°C during the day in the coldest months ; from 15°C to 32°C in the warmest months
  • Light: two 4000K 12W LED bars with reflector, located 60 cm above the plant, alight 12 hours a day ; occasional shaded sunlight in the morning from October to April
  • Soil: live sphagnum moss
  • Watering: seepage from the daily mistings of demineralized water on the vertical xaxim panel
[May 1, 2018] Plant received
[April 25, 2023] Flower opening

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