International Carnivorous Plant Society Photo Contest, 2023

Winner in the Portraits of Carnivorous Plants category of the ICPS 2023 photo contest.

This is a trap of Dionaea ‘Dracula’ – a cultivar of Venus Flytrap – digesting a fly. In the dark, using a macro lens and a strong backlight, my goal was to show some of the beautiful features of the leaf, and make sure the viewer could see that it was realizing its carnivorous nature.

Florida’s Carnivorous Plants book by Kenny Coogan

Learn about Florida’s native and iconic carnivorous plants in this fascinating book written for the incipient hobbyist and naturalist. Florida has more endemic species of carnivorous plants than any other state in the USA, including pitchers plants (Sarracenia), sundews (Drosera), butterworts (Pinguicula) and bladderworts (Utricularia). These plants produce and use appealing fragrances, colorful leaves, and sticky substances to attract and trap insects. Digestive fluids then soak up the prey, giving the plant nutrients that the soil lacks. Most of these plants can be grown at home, whether in the backyard, in rain gardens, or in some cases on the windowsill. Florida’s Carnivorous Plants provides an identification and growing guide for the main genera of carnivorous plants found in Florida. Each species description includes etymology, a history of the plant’s discovery highlighting diverse scientists, anatomy, habitat range, and popular varieties for beginners. Tables include soil requirements, types of potting, water level, amount of light, dormancy and temperature requirements, and propagation tips. A glossary provides readers with the tools to learn botanical jargon and improve their identification skills.

Météo Extrême book by Guillaume Séchet

In this richly illustrated book, Guillaume Séchet, meteorologist and expert in extreme climatic phenomena, makes the reader dive into the heart of the most impressive weather events. Resorting to a lot of photographs, graphics and maps, the author sheds some light on how extreme weather phenomena occur, and complements his explanations with significant examples and relevant records, all in an approachable and easy to understand manner.

  • Available at Amazon (in French only)

Vintage Atmosphere photo contest, Belfort, France, April 2022

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